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C&C: Reloaded (zipped version)
Language English
Version 2.3.9
Release date 2021/11/21
Download link >>> download <<<
Alternative downloads:
- Mega mirror
- Google Drive mirror

For the full changelog, please visit here:


To make C&C: Reloaded work on your computer, follow these instructions:

Step 1)

C&C: Reloaded (or newer) needs Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge installed like any existing mod but it does not require a CD to be played.

To prepare C&C: Reloaded you need the following files from Yuri's Revenge v1.001 (this means that you need the YR game updated to the latest version):

- gamemd.exe (version 1.001, from original CD, The First Decade or The Ultimate Collection release, if it isn't the original file Ares will fall and the game will not work properly or start).

- ra2.mix

- ra2md.mix

- language.mix

- langmd.mix

- expandmd01.mix

- binkw32.dll

- blowfish.dll

Optional files for a better game experience (specially for campaigns):

- thememd.mix

- movmd03.mix

Step 2)

Either unpack all the files of C&C: Reloaded create a new folder with your desired name and unpack all the C&C:R files in the new folder.

Make sure to not mix C&C: Reloaded files with other game modifications or it will not work, so is recommended to use a new folder and extract here the C&C: Reloaded files.

The following is advised if you are playing Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge multiplayer on CnCNet:

DO NOT extract C&C: Reloaded files to the folder where CnCNet for Yuri's Revenge is installed.

Two methods to prepare C&C Reloaded for playing: `Automated` and `Manual`:

- `Automated` method:

Run `RUN ME FIRST - C&C Reloaded installer.exe` and click in install. If necessary you can select manually where is located Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge files.

- `Manual` metod:

Copy the Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge files from the `Step 1` to the C&C: Reloaded folder.

Step 3)

If you have downloaded C&C: Reloaded videos or music packs, extract the `.mix` files to the C&C:R location.

Step 4)

Run CnCReloadedClient.exe, configure the settings and play singleplayer or multiplayer on CnCNet.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:
Thanks and... enjoy it!;
nº 1Yuri's Revenge v1.001
nº 2No previous modifications or hacks applied in the YR game folder.