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C&C: Reloaded (installer version)
Language English
Version 2.3.9
Release date 2021/11/21
Download link >>> download <<<
Alternative downloads:
- Mega mirror
- Google Drive mirror

For the full changelog, please visit here:


To make C&C: Reloaded work on your computer, simply follow the installer instructions and import the Yuri's Revenge files when asked:

Step 1)

Follow the installation instructions (next, next, next...)

Step 2)

The first time it runs automatically from the installer but next time you must run CnCReloadedClient.exe to play singleplayer or multiplayer on CnCNet.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:
Thanks and... enjoy it!;
nº 1Yuri's Revenge v1.001
nº 2No previous modifications or hacks applied in the YR game folder.