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C&C: Reloaded 1.0.6 (hotfix)

I uploaded the hotfix release C&C:R v1.0.6
Is a maintenance release so no important changes until the next major revision.

It is an acumulative update so you don't need install any previous update (v1.0.x) before this one.

This is the list of changes from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6:
- Updated Ares to stable version 0.2P1. It fix an important bug related to bridges.
- Added a DOS batch executable that can enable/disable the mod. Ideal for some users with a problem when activating the mod with the C&C:R mod launcher I couldn't reproduce.

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.
Posted by FS-21 at November 6, 2012
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FA2: TS terrain palette support

I'm going to talk about a tool I developed some days ago but I haven't finished it until today.
One of the problems when you are creating a TS map in Final Alert 2 is that FA2 not reads the new palette, only the Desert palete (isodes.pal) inside ra2md.mix. Ok so this tool patch (and unpatch :p ) ra2md.mix with the new colors of the TS terrain. When you have finished you can restore the original file to the original state.

Posted Image

For extra security, there is a check box (see the screenshot) that when is checked does a full copy of ra2md.mix (200MB aprox.) in your game folder (with .backup extension) and instead if unpatch it that backup is used for restoration. About a better FA2 support, for now I haven't finished it but this tool will help you in meanwhile...

You can find it in the Downloads section.

Tip: if you put that executable in your "C&C:Reloaded folder -> mod\" and then you enable the mod a copy in your game folder is made.
Posted by FS-21 at July 13, 2012
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C&C: Reloaded 1.0.1 (hotfix)

Hi again!

I released an update that fixes some problems of the initial 1.0 release. No graphical changes until the next major revision.

This is the list of changes:
- Skirmish AI improvements. If all goes well I'll backport the changes into the single player missions.
- Fixed bug in Survivor game mode that forced players to play with only the main unit (the repairer vehicle).
- Now Nod Cyborg is affected by Chaos gas.
- Fixed a mistake in the Psychic Dominator cameo.
- Mirage Tank detection percentage (per individual unit) increased from 15%,5%,2% (hard, normal, easy) to 25%,20%,15%. This percentage is applied only when the Mirage tank is firing.
- C&C:R Mod manager upgraded to the version 3.6.

If I don't change of idea the next major release would be targeted as "v1.5" & mainly will contain the TS GDI campaign, graphic changes/fixes & fixes of know problems, leaving the FS missions for a 2.0 release. (and don't report the save/load crash, isn't related to the mod thanks :-D )

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.
Posted by FS-21 at July 13, 2012
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C&C: Reloaded 1.0

Posted Image
First of all, thanks for waiting these 7 years until this new release of C&C:Reloaded.

I have been working the last few years to complete this new release & this is the final product of hard work. July 7 of 2012 is the 7º anniversary of the first public release, in 2005 and to celebrate it I released this new mod version in that special date (as always with delays :-P ). Moreover, I have planned what new features will come next, like finish the TS GDI campaign & the Firestorm campaigns (& more maps, more TS graphic improvements etc.
I hope you can enjoy it! :-)

Because the changelog is too long I'll list the main features:
- Restored Yuri's Revenge, Red Alert 2 and Nod's Tiberian Sun single player campaigns (53 selectable missions in total from these C&C games but with extra AI code on each single player campaign from skirmish game mode to increase a bit the difficulty).
- AI of each side has been re-designed from scratch.
- Added CnCNet support. Now you can play online with other people from the "Network" (LAN) button. You can know how many players are online in the LAN lobby without running the game watching the stats from
- More TS graphics have been improved since the last public release.
- 11 new detailed multiplayer maps (TS maps).
- Dozens of additions/fixes.

If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:

Download links:

For advanced users:

1º) Install
2º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
3º) Enable mod
4º) Play (& enjoy)

To Uninstall the mod:
1º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
2º) Disable mod
3º) Remove the C&C:Reloaded folder manually
4º) (optional) Remove the Desktop icon if you created it.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:
Posted by FS-21 at July 8, 2012
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June 2012, Updates summary

I added some new screenshots in-game of the current state of the mod at modDB. As I said previously I have been working fixing TS graphics & possible bugs I could find in YR/RA2/TS missions (Nod only in this release) for the v1.0 of C&C:Reloaded.

There are those images I mentioned before:

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image

In addition: If you want help me with the Mod Launcher testing I'm preparing for the 1.0 release I left a copy of the old v0.98 release of this mod packed with this program in this forum topic, feedback would be necessary to polish any possible bug I couldn't notice.

Soon more news... ;-)
Posted by FS-21 at June 15, 2012
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Development report

Hi again!

For who not visit the forum I'm going to do a small resum to justify the lack of news in the website:
- Features freeze since months, including AI (except 2 features that will be added/changed if Ares 0.2 will have it, related to "thiefs" & "carryall").
- Fixed YR campaigns & converted RA2 campaigns.
- Converting TS campaigns (still under development). Having the "infrastructure" I asked me: "Why not now?", unlike RA2 missions here I have a lot of "small details" that I need to fix & in addition FinalSun map editor didn't help me to know what speech "number" is what "xx-xxxxxx" file, etc...

You can do numbers of how much missions could have the 1.0 release.

In the worst case, always I can stop the development, hide unfinished TS campaigns, release the v1.0 with only YR & RA2 missions & re-enable them again in a future update when I finish those missions.
Of couse when I say TS I'm not forgeting FS missions but for now the priority are the original from TS.
Unlike RA2 or YR missions the TS missions will be "blessed" with some AI scripts from skirmish because you should remember that AI was a "bit" brain-dead in TS missions, but well, that's another history...

For more news, as always, in the development forum.

Note: sorry if I forgot to mention other changes since the last development report but I think that these are the most visible :p
Posted by FS-21 at October 17, 2011
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C&C:Reloaded need testers!

Posted Image

I'm looking for a little group of testers (max.: 5 or 6) for private tests until the day of the release of C&C:Reloaded v1.0.
Because it will be a private test you can't share the mod making it public because I need to finish some details & (the most important reason to me) it use 3š party software (develoment releases of Ares) that can not be released to the public yet (so respect their work please).

If you are interested with this you should be an active player doing feedback in the development forum & search bugs, and not to be the typical player that only want to play the first before everyone, that kind of people can not be useful for the private test & I recommend you to wait to the final stable release (if you waited +5 years for the next version you can wait a bit more :p).
As optional, if you are experienced with the previous version of C&C:R and/or if you can play online/LAN games with another friend you could find bugs in parts of the mod that I don't use but your friend must not share this private release (don't be evil please :grin:).

I'll wait a ~week before I share it to the selected testers & I'll update this message to indicate that I'm not looking for more testers so don't try to send private messages or emails asking for it please :huh:.
If you are interested to become a tester you must be registered in Revora forums to write in the C&C:R mod forum. I only accept PM (Private Messages) in Revora asking me to be a tester, tester petitions will be invalid if you write in the news or by email.
Posted by FS-21 at April 9, 2011
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Development report

This time Nod & GDI will get more love than previous updates:

Posted Image

If you want comment anything please go to the dedicated topic in the development forum :)
Posted by FS-21 at April 24, 2010
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I'm the king... of the delays (part 2)

Hi again!

Next C&C:Reloaded mod release for Yuri's Revenge will take some time but if the last update was released at July 18 of 2005... you can wait a bit more for the next update :p

My last mod development release (stopped time ago) has been dropped in favour of the next release, but I'll incorporate some of the features/fixes of that version to the new.

C&C:R Forum pinned topics will be cleaned a bit & updated due to the possible obsolete information on the next days.

More information about the update soon.
Posted by FS-21 at April 19, 2010
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C&C:Reloaded Mod Manager Update (v2.3)

New version avalaible of the C&C:Reloaded Mod Manager. Can be found the changelog of the v2.3 here.

Can be downloaded from the C&C:Reloaded website (downloads section) or using the Mod Manager, clicking in "Search Updates" & clicking the download link.

I updated (finally) all the mod download links to the 0.99b2 (update to the 0.99b1 to 0.99b2 or/and Full 0.99b2 download, both downloads includes the new Mod Manager v2.3). I delayed the uplaod of the .zip mod updates because I wanted to release this MM version :D
Posted by FS-21 at July 20, 2005
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