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December update

Lack of updates, I know, the reason is related to a map :closedeyes:

After spending some weeks finding the reason of a strange bug related to tunnels in a GDI mission finally I got some divine inspiration and fixed it. I didn't ignore the bug & continued with other missions because it was produced by me after changing some parts of the mission 3 (Secure the UFO crash site) and the same parts should be changed in the mission 4 ("Defend the UFO crash site")... I'm happy to know that it was a FA2 map editor bug and not my lack of knowledge :rolleyes:

Moreover, just for demo, here can be watched the first GDI mission:

Easy mission, is more to present the product than anything else. Fortunatelly GDI has a lot of sub-missions that will increase significally the number of playable single player missions in C&C:Reloaded (currently 53 from the original games in the 1.0 release).

If I don't publish anything new in december... I wish you Merry Christmas!
Posted by FS-21 at December 14, 2012
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C&C: Reloaded 1.0.6 (hotfix)

I uploaded the hotfix release C&C:R v1.0.6
Is a maintenance release so no important changes until the next major revision.

It is an acumulative update so you don't need install any previous update (v1.0.x) before this one.

This is the list of changes from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6:
- Updated Ares to stable version 0.2P1. It fix an important bug related to bridges.
- Added a DOS batch executable that can enable/disable the mod. Ideal for some users with a problem when activating the mod with the C&C:R mod launcher I couldn't reproduce.

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.
Posted by FS-21 at November 6, 2012
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C&C: Reloaded 1.0.2 (minor update)

This minor update fixes some problems of the initial 1.0 release (or newer). No graphical changes until the next major revision.

It is an acumulative update so you don't need install any 1.0.x release before this one.

This is the list of changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3:
- Skirmish AI improvements.
- Decreased Allied Mobile Gap Generator cost from 2500 to 2100 credits.
- Now Nod Mutant Hijacker can't capture aircrafts that need an airpad.
- Now Yuri Magnetron can hurt Nod Cyborg infantry when is promoted to elite.
- Restored Soviet Industrial plant original vehicle cost reduction (25%).
- Now the player has to choose between Soviet Industrial Plant or Soviet Cloning Vats. AI will build Industrial Plant by default.
- Fixed selectable Dark Red color in skirmish/online.

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.

Update: ModDB ID has been changed from "cc-reloaded" to "cncreloaded" ( ) because every service has the same cncreloaded name. This could break your links to that page, sorry for the inconvenience but is something that I had to do soon or later.

Update 2: Updated link to v1.0.3 due to a small mistake (but unfortunately very visible) in a script that Allied AI will use frecuently.
Posted by FS-21 at July 16, 2012
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C&C:Reloaded need testers!

Posted Image

I'm looking for a little group of testers (max.: 5 or 6) for private tests until the day of the release of C&C:Reloaded v1.0.
Because it will be a private test you can't share the mod making it public because I need to finish some details & (the most important reason to me) it use 3║ party software (develoment releases of Ares) that can not be released to the public yet (so respect their work please).

If you are interested with this you should be an active player doing feedback in the development forum & search bugs, and not to be the typical player that only want to play the first before everyone, that kind of people can not be useful for the private test & I recommend you to wait to the final stable release (if you waited +5 years for the next version you can wait a bit more :p).
As optional, if you are experienced with the previous version of C&C:R and/or if you can play online/LAN games with another friend you could find bugs in parts of the mod that I don't use but your friend must not share this private release (don't be evil please :grin:).

I'll wait a ~week before I share it to the selected testers & I'll update this message to indicate that I'm not looking for more testers so don't try to send private messages or emails asking for it please :huh:.
If you are interested to become a tester you must be registered in Revora forums to write in the C&C:R mod forum. I only accept PM (Private Messages) in Revora asking me to be a tester, tester petitions will be invalid if you write in the news or by email.
Posted by FS-21 at April 9, 2011
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New C&C:R YouTube channel

I still remember that in all these years existed in YouTube 3 or 4 videos about C&C: Reloaded made by fans (1 about the mod installation and other about the v0.98b2 gameplay)...
I'm not a fan of recording HD videos but I decided to open a YT channel (always I wanted to have one) because sometimes can be better show the changes in videos than with words/images.

Posted Image

I haven't lost the time "playing" because thanks to this I detected some bad AI behaviours for some sides and I "fixed" them :lol:
The first 6 HD videos that I uploaded are related to AI vs AI battles. Because I haven't much free HD space for long recordings the battles are from multiple allies of the same side against 1 defender. Sorry if I move too much the screen & the game speed is high but I tried to capture only the battles and a static camera at standard game speed could be bored ;)

Posted Image

( )

Posted by FS-21 at January 30, 2011
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Development report #4

Hi again!

For who not visit the forum there will be posted the 4║ report of the next C&C:Reloaded release (usually I post them in the Development forum). It will be a bit like a small resum of the other reports.

As I said in previous reports it will be launched as version 1.0 instead of "v0.99 beta X" (X = number) because is very stable than the last public release, it will not be backward compatible (I removed the cloned power plants AI hack for GDI and Nod from the code & re-designed AI scripts), and will use the future **Ares v0.2 as core of the mod development.

AI is "almost" done, I haven't included (yet) the Allied/Nod spy missions because I was more focused in improving/observing how AI worked in-game but spy missions can be recycled from the previous release so this part can be considered finished.

I have tested and implemented all the features that will have the next release (see changelog) and the only task left is fixing TS graphics that I haven't done in the last public release. In this case I'm working to finish all the Nod graphics (main standard/semi-destroyed image, animations, build up) that I left without fixing and I'll fix the Civilian buildings that exist in TS maps.
These are examples of what I mean "fixing bad pixels" (due to the resize of TS buildings to the RA2 size, aprox. a ~20% bigger, I don't remember the exact percentage):

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image (click to resize image)

Because fix bad pixels is a slow & tired process to me there will be other TS graphics that probably will not be worked until next mod releases like the TS terrain and any possible image that I forgot to fix in previous releases.

I'm still not decided about if I re-design the C&C:R mod manager, making it more intuitive & removing the updates tab due to the current internet conection speeds (5 years since the last release... now we have better conection speeds & the mod size has been reduced thanks to **Ares) or if I use the Launch Base tool. I'll wait to the end to see how will envolve this tool before I do the final selection.

I hadn't contact in these months of my french traslator of the mod so I'll release C&C:R v1.0 when it is done and if the future C&CBoy returns then the french edition will be published :-)

As final note, I don't know when will be the final release date due to the TS graphics (if I'm not wrong, in this moment I'm counting 12 build ups & 4 animations to be fixed the bad pixels). So in a future report I could indicate when will be published this release and what I'll do for the mod manager.
Nothing more to say... happy new year 2011! :)

** Ares = Is a Yuri's Revenge expansion DLL, the next generation of binary-based Command & Conquer modding that fix bugs from the original RA2:YR engine and expand it with new features that can be used for enrich our mods, totally transparent for the gamer.
Posted by FS-21 at January 1, 2011
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Development report

This time Nod & GDI will get more love than previous updates:

Posted Image

If you want comment anything please go to the dedicated topic in the development forum :)
Posted by FS-21 at April 24, 2010
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C&C:Reloaded Mod Manager Update (v2.35)

New version avalaible of the C&C:Reloaded Mod Manager. Can be found the changelog of the v2.35 here.

Can be downloaded from the C&C:Reloaded website (downloads section). This hotfix will fix the new domain to the C&C:Reloaded website ( instestead of & will prevent "future changes" of server domain with the addition of an auxiliar server to check updates & error menssages like this URL change.

I'll update the .zip files of the mod with the new MM version on the next mod update.
Posted by FS-21 at July 26, 2005
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