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C&C: Reloaded 1.0.6 (hotfix)

I uploaded the hotfix release C&C:R v1.0.6
Is a maintenance release so no important changes until the next major revision.

It is an acumulative update so you don't need install any previous update (v1.0.x) before this one.

This is the list of changes from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6:
- Updated Ares to stable version 0.2P1. It fix an important bug related to bridges.
- Added a DOS batch executable that can enable/disable the mod. Ideal for some users with a problem when activating the mod with the C&C:R mod launcher I couldn't reproduce.

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.
Posted by FS-21 at November 6, 2012
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C&C: Reloaded 1.0

Posted Image
First of all, thanks for waiting these 7 years until this new release of C&C:Reloaded.

I have been working the last few years to complete this new release & this is the final product of hard work. July 7 of 2012 is the 7º anniversary of the first public release, in 2005 and to celebrate it I released this new mod version in that special date (as always with delays :-P ). Moreover, I have planned what new features will come next, like finish the TS GDI campaign & the Firestorm campaigns (& more maps, more TS graphic improvements etc.
I hope you can enjoy it! :-)

Because the changelog is too long I'll list the main features:
- Restored Yuri's Revenge, Red Alert 2 and Nod's Tiberian Sun single player campaigns (53 selectable missions in total from these C&C games but with extra AI code on each single player campaign from skirmish game mode to increase a bit the difficulty).
- AI of each side has been re-designed from scratch.
- Added CnCNet support. Now you can play online with other people from the "Network" (LAN) button. You can know how many players are online in the LAN lobby without running the game watching the stats from
- More TS graphics have been improved since the last public release.
- 11 new detailed multiplayer maps (TS maps).
- Dozens of additions/fixes.

If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:

Download links:

For advanced users:

1º) Install
2º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
3º) Enable mod
4º) Play (& enjoy)

To Uninstall the mod:
1º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
2º) Disable mod
3º) Remove the C&C:Reloaded folder manually
4º) (optional) Remove the Desktop icon if you created it.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:
Posted by FS-21 at July 8, 2012
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C&C:Reloaded v0.98b1 update

New private beta v0.98b1 released.

Isn't the last private beta v0.99 that I said on the last update in the C&C:R forums because I haven't finished few important things & I want test one more time my C&C:R Mod Manager before the v1.0 (but the audio files & the major part of the .mix files of the v0.98 will not be changed to the v1.0 :p).

The current update is only avalaible via Direct Download to Beta-Testers (to use a download manager if you have a 56k) & the mod download via C&C:R Mod Manager will be uploaded soon (when I finish the v0.99 or before)

The location to get the mod is on Old C&C:R Forums (Download only visible to beta-testers, please, read the bold text before the download). This tuesday I'll think that the betatesters have the copy of the new version & I'll hide the old forum (only active the C&C:Reloaded forum at Revora :p )

The changelog of the new version can be found here.
More info soon.
Posted by FS-21 at April 7, 2005
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